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    Our intentions are to provide 100% free, high quality Medical and Surgical Eye care to Children...
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    Our intentions are.......Eye care to children.
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    You must never look for a reason to help those who yearn for support. Extending a helping hand not only vanish tears of their face, but also acts as a cure for oneself.


Devdaya Charitable Trust was built on a dream of a widow, Dayaben. Dayaben had to raise three very young children without funds, but she worked hard and achieved her goal to educate them with dignity. In return, she asked her children to repay the society by providing free health care and education in villages with poor or no facilities.

Hence, in 1985, Dr Mehta started the education programme with the founding of the Devdaya secondary school in Gujarat, India. With support from the Lions Club and Rotary Club, the Mehta family restored and built 11 primary and secondary schools in Wankaner and Morvi (Rajkot District), Gujarat.

In 2001 the people of Wankaner faced massive damages due to a high intensity earthquake in that region. The Mehta family was approached to help, to provide primary health care at minimal costs. With the aid of donors, the N R Doshi hospital was refurbished and a Primary health care centre was opened. The Centre has a medical out patients department, Pathology Lab, X ray department and it also offers maternity services.

In 2004, Dr.Ramnik Mehta and Mr.Lalitbhai Mehta joined hands and formed the Devdaya Charitable Trust. Mr. Lalit Mehta, a highly educated, philanthropist and Ex.M.P in India, is the President of this trust.

On the basis of one medical fact "Childhood blindness is avoidable in 80 to 90% of cases by simple treatment or surgery", we commenced our programme to prevent childhood blindness.

Our first mobile eye clinic was commissioned by Lion International President Shri Ashok Mehta on 09 July 2005. This fully equipped mobile clinic is used to screen children in their own schools to diagnose eye morbidity and treat or refer to the base hospital at Wankaner.

In November 2008, with the help of the Lions Club of Enfield, we built our first super specialist, children's eye surgery unit, in the grounds of the N.R.Doshi Eye Hospital. In 2009, the Government of Gujarat officially recognized this as a specialist eye care centre and requested all D.B.C. units to send patients.

The trust further expanded its reach by contributing mobile eye clinics in various towns of Saurashtra, to enable more children to benefit through the eye screening programme.

Our varied projects are managed by different trusts. We have the Vidya Bharati Trust for Education, Gaushala Trust for Animal Welfare and Devdaya Trust for Healthcare.

We work as a team to provide comprehensive care to society
We look forward to your support for these noble causes.
Thank you for your interest.

Close your eyes to see the world of the blind.

We work as a team to and provide a comprehensive care to society.